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FLEXiTRACKS are normal pieces of production music 

( music that can be licensed for use within commercial projects such as TV, Film, Radio, A/V Products and Live Events. ) They cover a wide range of styles and genres

However, we also supply them split into sections - 

and we divide these sections into their instrument 

groups, such as Bass, Drums, Chords & Melodies.

These instrument groups are referred to as 'stems.'

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Using a simple method to join these components together again in your editor,  you can easily shorten, lengthen, loop, remix and re-arrange them to create bespoke sync . . fast

A FLEXiTRACK is a great first choice when looking for music 

The full version of the track may fit your pictures perfectly - but if not, you are safe in the

knowledge that you can easily access its components and quickly modify it so that it does



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This video will give you an overview of

how we create FLEXiTRACKS and some

of the creative potential they give.


In this 3 minute video, we show you how to access FLEXiTRACKS components and build your own version of the piece.



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FLEXiTRACKS Promo Videos

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Between them, our composers have a vast wealth of experience in TV, Film-making, Video Editing, Dubbing and Live Performance. They have written and played on many Top Ten chart singles and albums, and been part of BAFTA winning teams. They are all available to undertake bespoke commissions and are all extremely easy and professional to work with.


For technical queries, music supervision, commissions or demonstrations please contact us

by phone on:  +44 (0) 7515 878437   or    +44 (0) 1477 500201

or email:

For licensing enquiries, please contact your local Universal Production Music Office / Representative