Try out FLEXiTRACKS for yourself

Here are all the components for the track 'Manhunt' from the album 'FLEX108 - Hypnotic Tension.'

Downloading this  'album'  from here is equivalent to downloading the zip file of stems that you will find for each of our tracks on the Universal Production Music website. Once you have downloaded these components, drag them into your editor,  section by section - as per the instructions in the videos on our home page. This should take less than a minute.

Now have a play and see what you can do with the track - loop sections, remove them, remix & re-arrange etc.  Just remember not to have your 'snap' set to 'frames' or 'seconds' when placing sections. 'Off', 'Magnetic', 'Events', or an equivalent is a better option **

Downloaded from here, these sections are just to illustrate how FLEXiTRACKS works.  If you would like to use this or any other of our tracks in a commercial project, please contact your local Universal Production Music office or click  HERE.

Have fun and thanks for trying it out.

** These components are MP3's so they will work with whatever your project's sample rate is. However, when using the components from the UPPM website, they will be WAV's so you will need to set your audio system to 48k.